Success through innovation

Gröner Developments Ltd (GDL) brings together the best of German expertise and British market knowledge to deliver innovative, high-quality, sustainable homes in attractive residential developments.


We use leading-edge techniques and technologies to make design and construction processes more efficient, economical, resource-effective and schedule-certain.

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Rental properties
for institutional investment

We offer a fresh approach during this evolutionary phase of the UK housebuilding industry by introducing new methods which have been tried and tested in Germany. We serve the emerging Build to Rent market by establishing a supply of rental properties for institutional investment.

Our homes are
designed to be:


We integrate new technologies throughout the design and construction processes in order to build in a more efficient, economical, resource-effective and schedule-certain way


Our buildings complement their surroundings; whether using contemporary or traditional designs we will respect localities and never compromise on durability or function


We limit any negative impacts by using the latest design and construction methods to strive for zero carbon development, whilst also rehabilitating local ecologies by creating beautiful and biodiverse external environments

Investors in our developments benefit from:

  • Faster and more precise production timescales
  • Efficient capital and operational costs
  • High-quality properties which:
    • Meet the highest corporate standards for sustainability
    • Require less maintenance and reduce operational costs over time
    • Deliver institutional grade assets and operations
  • Precisely embedded lifecycle costs, ensuring maximum and stable income flows

Customers that live in our properties benefit from:

  • Aspirational living at an affordable price
  • Community-based dwellings within a sustainable environment
  • Reduced hassle with fewer maintenance interruptions
  • Convenience and security

How we work

Here is how we use global best practice to provide high quality rental homes and stable returns for investors.

Research-led site selection

We choose locations based on rigorous analysis of demographics, transport links, economics and other key factors.

State of the art design processes

We use AI and intricate financial modelling alongside traditional design techniques to optimize solutions at early concept stages. As designs progress we use BIM (Building Information Modelling) to minimize errors, enable manufacture and improve operations.

Consultative planning process

Stakeholder engagement is observed throughout the development to optimize local benefits and impact.

Modern methods of construction

Early Design for Manufacture through BIM enables us to optimize construction through an array of modern methods of construction providing improved quality, faster builds and certainty of production.

High quality rental homes

The end result is high quality, sustainable, community-based homes and great value for money for tenants and investors alike.

Stable returns for investors

We provide consistent, through cycle, long-term annuity type returns for investors in our institutional grade assets.

Returns can be reinvested

Over time our partners can reinvest in further developments to establish larger portfolios.

For more information and to get involved, explore the website or contact us directly.